Triple B's Express
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Let us Take care of your Transportation!!

B Safe B Smart B Responsible

Welcome to Triple B’s Express website.  Our goal is to ensure you get from your house to your party event and back home safe.

We want to avoid anybody from Drinking and Driving, as the owner of this company I can tell you I received a DUI three years ago.  It cost me over $5,000 and the loss of my license for a year and also had to spend money on having a ignition device in my car for a year as well.  I did the same thing that everybody says, they cannot catch me and I am okay to drive.

The difference with our company is we don't want you to have to worry about if you are impaired or not to drive, so that you have to call somebody to come pick up your car.  We pick you and up to 4 other people from your house take you to the club or event then take you back home.

We also cater to several of the Motels around the Wichita area, if you are coming to our great town please make sure you give us a call, We will come pick you up from the airport and or from your motel and take you down to our great Old town area.

Please check out our Pricing Tab and Please Be smart and be safe so you will be Alive!!